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Our Story

We're just a young married couple that has a crazy story to share. This is how we got here and the origin of our love.  

Connor (Ken) and Kristal (Barbie) were both born and raised in the natural state of Arkansas. Kristal lived in a very small town with a population of 3,000 and Connor, 30 minutes away in a slightly larger city of 300,000. Not knowingly, near each other their entire lives and somehow coming across one another by the luck of a shooting star. Connor and Kristal met each other on New Years 2018 and married on New Years 2019, at the time Connor was 19 years old and lived in Miami supporting himself with the Cryptocurrency he invested in his mid-teen years while Kristal at 17 years old resided in her small town doing whatever it is small-town people do. 

     When the holiday of 2018 came around, Connor traveled back to Arkansas to celebrate with friends and family. Kristal just so happened to be "dating" one of Connors's best friends from back in high school. At the time Kristal was very unhappy with life, she felt it was in ruins and was beginning to give up until one night a shooting star caught her eye. Kristal made one wish in desperation for something to change "I wish for something to happen that will change my life forever."- She said, and without her even knowing, her wish came true. That very night she found out that her so-called "boyfriend" had been sleeping with other women for quite some time. Then, by love's fate, that same very night Connor was lucky enough to pass by the girl of his dreams. In the very moment Connor laid eyes on Kristal he was fascinated and knew she was the one. He did everything he could to show Kristal how special she was. With both love and lust, they shared a burning passion for one another that only grew stronger as the days passed, In the end, they both couldn't have been happier. From here on things got hectic, but beautifully magical. 

Connor and Kristal spent only two nights so far with one another and fell in love instantly, so much in love, they decided to run away with one another in a moment's notice without telling a single soul. They packed their bags, grabbed Kristal's cat, Lo and Connors Dog, 4, and drove 20 hours straight as fast as possible to Connors's apartment in Miami. They laughed, loved, and created a bond for one week until their perfect ecstasy was taken from them at the irksome sound of a phone call. The Arkansas State Police demanded Kristal was to be driven back to Arkansas to finish high school, so that's what we did. Since the first night we met, we were inseparable and couldn't stand to be apart. The separation was so torturous Kristal did everything she could to graduate as quickly as the school would allow. Kristal stuffed One whole year of schooling into two short months just to be with Connor again. She said she's never worked so hard for something in her life. For herself and for Connor, she was eager to start their beautiful lives together.

   Fast forward 9 months of life, together in Miami. Connor was still providing everything they had with cryptocurrency until his investments crashed and almost lost everything. Looking for a plan B, in major debt and desperately in need of a job, Connor and Kristal took up food delivery as couriers for Postmates but didn't make nearly enough to survive on. But then, just like every other time, when things didn't look too bright, everything just kinda worked out for the best. Connor had a brilliant idea to try a website called Chaturbate. 

    September 23, 2018, was the first day we started camming on Chaturbate and it couldn't have gone any better. We were so successful from the first day that it became our full-time job. We truly are blessed to have found this opportunity, as it allows us to spend every waking moment together and do what we enjoy most, Fuckin!

So... If you've been searching for an honest, passionate, amateur love to get off too, you've found it.

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